World Economic Conference 2018

I was fortunate to attend a fantastic event where over a trillion dollars of the worlds economy was being managed by institutions, funds, or investors all in one room to forecast how we enter into 2019. What I find interesting is the difference in how a fund manager has to handle his portfolio versus an institution money manager.

Such a diverse crowd, I literally met people from around the globe from Canada, Panama, Columbia, and of course here in the states. While many of these folks and institutions wish to remain private, I truly respect the outlook and diversity these folks opinions they shared on how the markets will look moving into the end of the year.

You have to understand that big money does not invest like a retail investor. In fact, the equities markets for institutions and large banks is not big enough for there portfolio. So this was interesting to hear on how one looks at the bond market. While the bond market is really the only large market they can play in. These have a conundrum due to the interest rates rising. Although, many of these traders had a sound plan heading into 2019 and was quite interesting on how they approach the rising interest rates when managing their fund.

Yet, no matter how experienced or large the traders portfolio, I was enlightened on how so many had different approaches to the markets.

This is because the players play in different markets. Big institutions need a large market like government debt/bonds. Then investment funds like futures and commodities and retails really had the best opportunities to simply trade anyway they wanted as there can easily get in and out of a market.

So over all another fantastic meet up with some of the worlds largest money managers and traders around the globe. Maybe somewhere on the blog I will share some of the stories, but that will be for another day.

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