Protected: Dow Panic Cycle Week

Quick Tip when watching the markets. When making a new low, the bulk of selling comes BEFORE the market closes (unless elected monthly bearish reversal). -- This is due to…

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Majority Bearish On Market?

I wanted to document some of the news and feeling going around the markets in October. Historically October always causes a bit of worry to investors but there is overwhelming…

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Dow 1st Day of 10/15

Many are blaming interest rates and tariffs, but the market players are scared of the elections coming in November. We needed to see how Monday 10/15 closed to see what…

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DOW After Open On 10/12/2018

Now that the Dow is open and we are mid-day into the trading session, I wish to document some of the happenings of the global economy. Based on yesterday, which…

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