A Bit of A Dip On The Dow… But Lets Watch 10/15

A Bit of A Dip On The Dow… But Lets Watch 10/15

Today we have a bit of a drop in the DOW JONES, almost 500 points and at this time of writing, it appears to have dropped below our daily watch number of 26,037. So if we close today below this number, it’s quite possible to watch on Friday 25,757.

We have a lot of bears out there saying the market will crash and they have been saying it since 2009. So these dips are probably making them happy. But any experience operator of stocks will express the importance of the long term trade. There are many factors in the world economy and one issue with some bears who are yelling for a crash of the markets are only looking internally in the United States.

Even in early 1900’s after the panic crashes and world wars, we found international capital was always significant in showing us what is going on in the world economy. To think in simpler terms if you live in a country that is at war or is having a currency or political issue, the larger money is always going to seek safety. This has been like this for centuries and even well off into the roman periods.

So while I never give any financial advice I do enjoy the markets and watching the global economy as a side step from my business dealings. What we are seeing today is a nice dip and I am very interested to see what happens on the week of October 15th and into October 20th of this month.

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