Krakatau In Indonesia Is An Important Event

Krakatau In Indonesia Is An Important Event

In Indonesia the volcano (Anak Krakatau) erupted over the weekend on Dec 22nd 2018. This volcano set off a Tsunami which killed 222 people. There was a music event which had people fleeing for their lives and makes us remember, we are not in charge of nature, earth or the galaxy. Making laws or regulations to curve environment does not appear to be a powerful solution. But I digress my personal opinion on control vs rising the trend.

Why This Event Is Important

Regardless of your or my opinion of global warming vs global cooling. I do wish to share historical events that are there for us to learn from.

During the year of 1816, the activity in this same region had similar events that was would create a climate change s given the nickname ‘the year without a summer’.

Yes no summer, so it appears it would be colder. So if we think logically the volcano erupts. The smoke covers the air/atmosphere, thus in turn the sun cannot reach thru the dark clouds.

On top of the eruption plumes, we do have solar minimums decreasing (energy of the sun).

Ever Heard This Story?

Ever heard of the biblical story that talks about 7 years of drought and 7 years of plenty?

It’s possible the year 2020 – 2024 may be a commodity boom (wheat, metals, agriculture, etc). With the volcanoes erupting in the Pacific rim and around the world. This could being starting a very challenging time for growing agriculture and possibly a new turn for hydroponics. Unfortunately, the prices of agriculture may be so high, which will spark the influx into the hydroponics (growing food in your basement or in home) movement.

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